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What is the Public Information Committee?

The purpose of the Public Information (PI) Committee is to convey information on Alcoholics Anonymous to the general public, including the media. By informing the general public on what A.A. is (as well as what A.A. is not), we are able to reach alcoholics that may not otherwise know anything about A.A. Moreover, our general public outreach may also plant a seed in someone that might one day need our program.

The PI Committee at the Westside Central Office informs the general public through a number of activities:

  • Our committee’s young members (those between the ages of 18 and 25) give A.A. presentations to students at area middle and high schools.
  • We place ads in local newspapers that explain how to get a hold of A.A.
  • We periodically distribute meeting schedules to area hotels and motels so out of town A.A.s can find a meeting.
  • We periodically visit area libraries to make sure they have Big Books available for check out.
  • We have also produced radio public service announcements that inform listeners where they can find help for their drinking.

These are just a few of the activities that a PI Committee performs. Other examples of PI activities are available here.

How Can I Help?

Complete the sign up form below if you are interested in carrying the A.A. message to those who need it (or may some day need it).

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If you have any questions on the PI Committee, then please email the Chair at