Westside Central Office General Election

At each September business meeting, the Westside Central Office conducts its General Election. This year we are holding elections for all of our one year termed positions. Elections will be held for the following service positions at the Monday, September 2, 2013 business meeting:

  • 12th Step Call Committee Chair Maintains a list of 12th Step Call Volunteers for participating groups, receives calls from Hotline volunteers and refers 12th Step volunteers to incoming calls.
  • A.A. Hotline Committee Chair Maintains a calendar of individuals and groups willing to answer the Westside Central Office phone.
  • Activities Committee Chair Organizes, runs, and promotes all service workshops and social activities of the Westside Central Office.
  • Co-Chair Assists the Chair with their duties as well as fill in for the recording secretary when the secretary is absent from the business meeting.
  • Corrections Committee Chair Leads a committee that carries the A.A. message to alcoholics behind the walls of correctional institutions.
  • Finance Committee Chair Works closely with the Westside Central Office treasurer and other officers to establish annual budgets, prudent reserves, and accounting practices for the Westside Central Office.
  • Newsletter Committee Chair Publishes the Westside Central Office’s monthly newsletter Into Action!
  • Outreach Committee Chair Informs the A.A. Groups of who we are, the services that we provide, and how each A.A. Group can get involved with Westside Central Office.
  • Recording Secretary Records the minutes of the Westside Central Office business meeting, emails minutes to business meeting attendees, and provides hard copies of previous meeting minutes at each business meeting.

All positions will serve through September 30, 2014. Detailed job descriptions for each service position are available here.

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their service resume at the September 2, 2013 business meeting or by email at info@westsidecentraloffice.com. You may also contact us for more information.

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